Words for people not processes!

Hōkai Rangi – the new Corrections Strategy 2019-2024 – sets out an awesome kaupapa/vision for Corrections in the future. It also reflects on problems in the current system.

Language is one of the problems. Some terms commonly used in the corrections system are dehumanising eg “muster.” It reminded me that some language we use in the social sector can be equally problematic.

At the Policy Place, we want our policies and procedures to support people – centred practice in health and social services. Here’s some terms we’ve identified as problematic, some alternatives and why.

What do you think?

What terms are used in social and health services that you think are problematic?  Let us know along with what you think are good alternatives. We’ll add your terms to the list below to help us all become more conscious and agile with people-focused language.



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