Induction Policy

Organisations should review use and status of contractors

Do you need an induction policy or not? In this post, we look at the pros and cons of having a policy and some induction essentials. What is induction and should everyone do it? Induction is a process used to welcome and onboard a new person to your worksite.  Your worksite may be a physical…

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How parenting helps you manage workplace health and safety

Parenting is “risky” business. So is managing health and safety in the workplace. Apply what you know as a parent and you’ll be on course to health and safety in the workplace.  Similarities Risk-management is ordinary We want our kids to be happy and thrive so we let them take chances, make mistakes. We let…

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Your single source of truth for remote working

There’s a revolution coming. It’s called remote work and it looks set to become the new norm for work.  During the pandemic lockdown many of us have been forced into remote working. We may have been kicking and screaming about it at the start, but predictions are that many of us will stick with it…

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Challenging hate through workplace change

No Hate

What’s the difference between stereotyping, prejudice and hate speech and does it matter? Yes, it does matter. In the words of our Chief Human Rights Commissioner: “It is a matter of life, death and human rights. Disrespectful words and actions give permission for discrimination, harassment and violence.” We have plenty of examples in our history that…

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