Compliance Overview

Add this overview of compliance requirements to your manager induction kit.


Fraud and Corruption (Business)

Detect, report and prevent workplace fraud & corruption in a business setting.


Fraud and Corruption (Not-for-Profits)

Detect, report and prevent workplace fraud & corruption in a not-for-profit setting.


Health & Safety Induction (Staff)

Induction for new staff and volunteers.


Code of Conduct

Use this course to easily induct your staff, volunteers and board to your code of conduct.


Abuse Prevention & Response

Induction or refresher course for staff.


Governance | Mana Whakahaere

Onboarding course for new members of governance.

compliance reporting and learning build capacity to manage risks.

Risk Finance Strategy | Part 1 RISK

Deep dive into governance level risk and improvement.


Risk Finance Strategy | Part 2 FINANCE

Deep dive into governance level financial oversight


Risk Finance Strategy | Part 3 STRATEGY

Deep dive into governance level strategy.

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