Transitional Housing policies at the Policy Place

If you’re a business or Not-for-Profit organisation wanting to get into Transitional Housing, The Policy Place can help you with the policies you need.

Accredited & Policy Place member

If you’re already a member of our online policy service and have Level 3 or above Social Sector Accreditation status, the job of getting your policies sorted for Transitional Housing will be straightforward.

Contact the Policy Place 0224066554Contact us to let us know your plans and we will set you up with the housing policies you may need.  We will review and may adjust your existing policies to ensure they align with your new housing policies and to avoid duplication of policy content.


If you’re a new or existing business that wants to get into Transitional Housing and you do not have current social sector accreditation, you will need policies and processes to support your application for Level 3 accreditation.

This could be a big change for you if you’ve been operating with minimal policies. For Level 3 accreditation you will need policies and procedures addressing a range of areas like Health and Safety, HR, Privacy and Confidentiality and Client Services.  You will also need policies and procedures to help you meet the requirements of the Transitional Housing Code of Practice.

Not-for profit 

You may be operating a not-for-profit agency that does not have Level 3 Social Sector Accreditation because you haven’t been required to have it to operate so far.

No problem, contact the Policy Place for policies and procedures to support your application for Accreditation.  We will consider any policies you currently have along with your Trust Deed or Constitution and set you up with policies and procedures to support your accreditation as a Level 3 Transitional Housing Provider.

Review and Updating

The job of getting accredited can seem big. It is a big job but we will lessen your load by providing the policies and procedures you need.

Once you get accreditation, we will stay alongside. As an accredited agency you are expected to keep your policies updated. As a member of the online policy service, we do this for you. We will update your policies for relevant legislation changes and review your policies within a two-year cycle.

Press go for Transitional Housing

If you’re an existing member of the Policy Place online policy service who is accredited just let us know when you’re ready to hit go with Transitional Housing.

For others who are thinking about the online policy service and want to know more about the service, check out  – What’s so good about the Policy Place, where we go through some common questions we get. In Online policies and procedures – so easy! we go through the steps involved in joining you up to the online policy service.

If you’re unsure whether you want generic or tailored policies for your particular business/agency, in this post we canvas the options – Policy and Procedure Templates – generic & customised.

If you want to try out the online policy service, give our Free Trial a whirl.