Policy and Procedure Templates – generic & customised

Policy and procedure templates can take you from the bottom of the hill straight to the top.

Most organisations need policies and procedures. But getting your policies sorted can feel like an uphill battle that doesn’t ever end.  Templates though can, depending on the type you choose, give you the basic structure to get you started through to all the policy content you need.

To help you make the best choice, we’re reviewing a range of different template options – considering their pros and cons. The good news for social, health, education and housing agencies is that you can access all options through The Policy Place.

Starter Policy and Procedure Templates

If you’re wanting a policy template that gives you a structure to start with, there are a few options around that basically offer advice about policy writing. They typically give you a policy structure along the lines of headings like Purpose; Policy; Procedures; Responsibilities; Related Documents and Policies.

The Workplace Policy Builder is a good example.

Having a structure can help get you started and is a good option if you’re into the DIY and freebies.  However, you’ve still got all the hard work of policy creation to do.🤔 Not only that. You also have to keep the content reviewed and updated for currency with law, regulations, and other requirements.

Area-specific Policies

There are lots of policy templates on the market aimed at particular areas like Human Resources and  Health and Safety.  Sometimes the products come with additional advisory services like HR advice and support. They are a good option if you want access to particular knowledge and expertise.


These products can be expensive.


They can be challenging to implement because they are not typically focused on your particular organisational context. Although they may incorporate some branding and sometimes, an introduction from the CE, they usually apply generally, which comes through in the content.

The Policy Place online policy service overcomes these problems:

  • We are not wholly generic. We provide core policy content but specifically for different contexts of social services, health, disability, housing and education and to a limited extent for an organisation itself.
  • We are cost-effective because we address common policy needs of organisations associated with law, regulations and compliance standards and want to be accessible to cash-strapped non-profits and start-ups.
  • We keep core policy content reviewed and updated for members.

Customised Policy and Procedure Templates

Customised policy products are harder to come by. That’s because they’re usually done by consultants. They can be great because they are built around the organisation’s particular needs and incorporate a lot of operational detail.


Customised policies are usually very expensive. This reflects a heavy investment of time by consultants with specialist knowledge.


Customised policies are a one-off product. They are not subject to regular review and updating, which is required for compliance with standards that apply in areas like Health and Disability, Social Services, Training and Housing.

You can have it all

The Policy Place offers you the chance to customise your policies while reaping the benefits of regular reviews and updates of core policy content. Customisation is optional and done by you as the client.

  • The system works easily:
  • You sign up for the Essentials Package, which the Policy Place puts together for you based on the information you provide and your compliance needs.
  • You decide on how you might want to customise – add paragraphs or pages, edit core policy text or grab it all.
  • You decide who you want to authorise to customise your policies and authorise them on the system.

Any problems? Contact the Policy Place who wll help.