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Bad policy – a loaded dice

Policies shape actions and decisions made by staff. So what's the effect of bad policy? Bad decisions, hurt people and so much more. The big example last week was the Oranga Tamariki Pratice Review into the Hastings case. The review and discussion after it mainly focused on the actions of staff. It's shocking reading. Key…
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Good decisions need good policies

  We walk a fine line as managers. On the one hand we need to trust our staff and give them scope to use their professional skills and respond to diverse situations and clients. On the other hand, we need to ensure quality service provision and that staff act within the law, regulations and kaupapa…
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Performance assessment

NZS 8134.3.3 is a standard that has to be met by health and disability services.  It sets out criteria for good policy and procedures. When assessed against these criteria the Policy Place gets top marks.  See for yourself:
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Are you missing out? Is good policy what you need?

Are you missing out on the benefits of having good up-to-date policies and procedures?  In this post, we look at the value of good policy and procedures for organisations of all types. If you want to get more out of your operating expenses and want more time to spend on other things, then read on.…
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Kia mauriora te reo Māori

Could you achieve 85 per cent of your staff and board valuing te reo Māori? Did you know we have a new Māori language strategy to achieve that as a nation? Already achieved that goal? Consider a language plan to support 85% of your staff and board to speak te reo Māori.  We all have a…
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