Abuse Prevention & Response

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Course Overview

This course provides you and your staff with all they need to complete an induction or refresh on abuse prevention and response. This course will help you understand the different types and signs of abuse and respond to abuse against adults, a child disclosure, or an allegation against a staff member. You will understand your legal authority to report and key abuse prevention strategies that can be applied in the workplace. This course covers requirements associated with child protection and vulnerable adults.

Course Details

This course covers the following topics over 40+ slides:

  • Understanding abuse and it's impact
  • Our legal obligations to respond to abuse
  • Different types of abuse
  • The signs of abuse
  • Five different scenarios
  • How to respond to, and report abuse against adults
  • What to do about a child disclosure or concern of abuse
  • What happens if an allegation or concern relates to a staff member
  • Your legal authority to share information and report abuse
  • Key abuse prevention strategies
  • Six quiz questions and five scenarios to test knowledge

Estimated time to complete: 30-45 minutes

On completion of this course:

  • an email is generated should you wish to advise your manager/organisation that you have completed this course, and
  • a certificate is issued.