The Policy Place

We help you manage your compliance needs for quality policies and independent review

Avoid the time, stress and costs of policy paperwork, reduce the risk of adverse
events and get an independent view of specific problem areas.   


Why Work With Us?

  • Save Time and Money

    How many hours would your staff and board put into policy development review and at what cost?

  • Regular updates

    Are you benefiting from the latest developments and knowledge happening across  sectors. Our policies are informed by cross-sector membership, latest sector practice and expert advice where required.

  • Reduce risk

    Do you face problems that just won’t go away or take you by surprise? Our independent review service may be able to help.

  • Support compliance

    Are you keeping up with all the changes in law, regulations, standards and government contracts?  We update your online policies and sell one-off policies. 

  • Documents that work

    Are your policies and procedures really working for your teams?  Our policies, procedures and reports from reviews are written in accessible formats for ease of use.

  • Be the best you can be

    Let us lighten the load so you can focus on delivering quality services!

How We Help You

Online policy and procedure

Policy products

We help you manage your policy requirements for compliance with law, regulations and standards.

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Independent review

Our independent review service helps you to better manage the risks of your business.

Bespoke services

Bespoke services by request

If you have a problem in your organisational functioning, then contact us to discuss solutions.

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