Independent Review

Something can go wrong and keep going wrong. A circuit breaker may be needed. But you need to know the right response.

We help you dig deep enough to find out what happened so you can ensure it doesn’t happen again. Usually causes go beyond individual actions and involve systems, policies and procedures.

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see things differently

What we do for you

We help you reduce and manage your business and organisational risks.

We review what’s gone wrong in casework, adverse events, health & safety incidents, workplace events (sexual harassment), service culture or process concerns.

  • We provide an independent and impartial perspective
  • We use a methodology appropriate to the situation (e.g root cause analysis)
  • We interview people involved
  • We review policies and systems at play

We work with you to propose changes to prevent recurrence and help the organisation learn and improve.

We provide a report on our findings for you to use internally and with regulators.

What does it cost?

Every job is different.

If you are needing someone who is independent and impartial to review a situation in your workplace, contact us to discuss your needs.   We will provide you with a no-obligation quote particular to your needs.