Finance Risk Strategy | Part 2 FINANCE

Course Overview

If you are a manager, board or collective member, you are accountable for financial management.

This course will help you understand the annual financial cycle, read financial statements and confidently engage in governance-level discussions.

Course Content

This course covers the following topics over 40+ slides:

  • Key components of the annual financial cycle
  • How to read a year-to-date variance report
  • What to consider as you review financial reports
  • What to look out for as you monitor and review your organisation's finances
  • A quiz to test knowledge

Estimated time to complete: 45-60 minutes

On completion of this course:

  • an email is generated should you wish to advise your manager/organisation that you have completed this course, and
  • a certificate is issued.

Enhance this course by enrolling your board members in the Governance | Mana Whakahaere course, or add in the Risk & Strategy courses to take a deeper dive into these three key governance activities.