Misinformation and Disinformation Policies and Procedures

Misinformation dynamics shown by image of sheep suggests following with erroneous equation.

Misinformation and disinformation are significant hazards for a workplace. They can cause serious reputational damage and loss for a business/organisation. Good news – as a member of the Policy Place online policy service, you have policies to help minimise these risks. In this post, we’ll identify some of these policies for you to use in…

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What’s so good about the Policy Place online policy service?

What’s so good about the Policy Place online policy service?  It’s our most popular service, especially for agencies and practitioners who have to comply with the Social Sector Accreditation Standards and Ngā Paerewa Health and Disability Services Standard. So what do you get for money? 24/7 access to core policy content to support your compliance all…

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Incorporated Society Rules and the Treaty of Waitangi

Protect the Treaty of Waitangi undertakings constitutionally.

Protect what’s important With the new regime of the Incorporated Societies Act 2022 about to kick in it’s time to review and update your Incorporated Society Rules. Incorporated Society Rules are an organisation’s Constitution. They are foundational and provide a great way of embedding your agency’s core values and commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi/Treaty…

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Legislative compliance – we have you covered

Conveys that there are a number of issues involved with legislative compliance evoke that

Have you been asked about a legislative compliance policy? If you’re an online policy member with the Policy Place, you can relax. We’ve got you covered. All our policies are based on the law and we review them by reference to the law and regulations. If and when legislation changes, we review and update any…

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Matariki opportunities and significance in the workplace

Matariki is a Māori tradition. Māori is on a sign held up proudly by a group of children.

June 24, 2022 is going to be the first day on which we celebrate Matariki as a country. It’s our first official indigenous public holiday and the first time we recognise the Māori calendar – maramataka. The intention to legislate for Matariki was announced on 4 February 2021. It became law last night – Te…

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Policy review and updating – stepping out

The days of 2-3 year cycles for policy review and updating for health, social services, education-related services seem long gone. Regulatory change is all too frequent. So how can you stay on top of the fast-paced regulatory changes in your sector or industry with your policies? It’s important if you want to comply with law…

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3 tips for your Use of Restraint policy

The new Health and Disability Standards come into effect in February 2022. At the Policy Place we’re updating our online policies for our members. We’ve just finished updating the Use of Restraint policy. If your policies are due for an update to come into line with the new Health and Disability standards then now is…

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5 essentials for your record retention policy and procedure

picture of man struggling to reinforce need for AI policy and procedures

Are you getting lost in a pile-up of records and don’t know what to do with them? If so, it’s time to get cracking with your policy and procedure on retention and disposal of records. Check your existing policy and procedure is being implemented as it should be or if it needs review and updating.…

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Changes in 2021 – How your policies and procedures can help.

The recent Uber court decision may revolutionise the use of contractors in the workforce

We’re going to see some big changes in 2021. Get your policies and procedures ready to help you manage. Here’s three areas of change, which are likely to affect social, childcare and health services. Other changes are also coming. We’ll keep you advised so sign up for the Policy Place panui. Pandemic/health and safety We…

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