Online policies to get that monkey off your back

Online policies will lighten your load – your workload, worry and stress. They can be the key to a much improved working life. 

Policies and procedures rarely feature on people’s top picks for things to do in the working day.  They can often fall prey to procrastination.

But not keeping your policies updated can cause problems like credibility issues, poor practice, the risk of staff acting illegally not to mention the risk of losing accreditation or approval status with your regulator. We’ve talked previously about the pitfalls.

Join the Policy Place online service and these problems can be avoided. Check here for more about how easy it is to join up.

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The case for online policies 

The grind of having to keep policies and procedures updated is the most frequent reason people give us for deciding to join our online policy service.

Accreditation and audit bodies require that policies and procedures are regularly reviewed. This can be onerous  for boards and collectives who are often volunteers. For operational managers, policy review and updating is usually an add-on to an already busy workload.

As we’ve written about previously, it can also be confusing about who should do what. Is policy review and updating the job of governance or management?

Agencies try and manage reviews and updates in different ways. A common strategy is to schedule policies for review at each governance meeting. Time and again though, policies can fall off the agenda, or get stuck in draft stage with policy reviews not completed.

Review and updating of online policies – so easy!

Policy reviews and updates are a big draw-card for people joining the online policy service.

When people join the service, we give them a schedule for when we review and update the core content of online policies. We notify members for each review and invite their feedback.

We consider all members’ feedback along with legislation and other regulatory changes and review and update policies. Afterwards, we let our members know what’s been changed and give them notes to help them to implement them with staff.

How easy is that for our members!

Get that [policy review] monkey off your back and join us now!

Updates of online policies for unexpected changes 

If there’s one thing that is certain, change is constant and often unexpected.  Just look at the plethora of public health and legal changes that have occurred over the life of Covid-19 so far.  These types of change mean policies need review and updating.

At the Policy Place we’ve kept the core policy content for our members reviewed and updated. Changes have been made in response to the legal and public health changes in areas like the Covid-19 Protection Framework and vaccination.

Ngā Paerewa Health and Disability Services Standard took effect last month. You guessed it, we’ve been reviewing and updating our member’s policies for these Standards since December 2021.

Want to check out online policies?  

Want your working life to be free of nagging worry about your policies? Want the assurance of knowing your policies are up-to-date and accessible to all your staff?

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