BIG news, Big Changes – online policies

NEWS FLASH – Policy Place members now have options to customise and download their online policies.

The Policy Place’s online policy system has been upgraded and members can now start to enjoy the benefits.

In this post, we look at the new options and implications for members.

Online policies

Policy Place members have their own set of online policies. Policies comprise core content aimed at addressing members’ compliance eg Social Sector Accreditation Standards, Ngā Paerewa Health and Disability Standards.

We customise online policies to members when we set them up based on their accreditation, approval and audit requirements and documents like their existing policies and procedures, branding etc.

But customised features are limited. If members want to edit or change their policies they can only do it by providing feedback to scheduled policy reviews and via the Policy Place.

But yeah- we can now offer more!

Changes to online policies

But things have changed.

Policy Place members will now be able to customise their online policies in different ways. They may choose to:

  • download their set of online policies
  • set up their own additional  policy pages
  • edit and change the core content of their online policies
  • add paragraphs and processes to their existing online policies.

Policy Place members will be able to customise their policies directly and whenever they wish. They will have to keep their customised content reviewed and updated but will have the assurance of knowing that the Policy Place continues to review and update the core content of their policies.

Value of customised policies 

Members have been asking for the power to work on their policies directly. We’ve listened and done it.

But it’s not a one-size fits all situation. Some members are going to want the full customisation package. Some are going to want just a bit more scope to alter and add to their online policies while others may not want to customise at all.

Is it right for you? 

The option of customising your online policies is going to be especially appealing if:

  • you want some or all of your polices to be in another language
  • you are subject to specialist accreditation or compliance requirements that are not completely addressed by the core content of your online policies
  • you want to use the Policy Place core content but in a more personalised way
  • you want to add in your own procedures to policy pages or other details
  • you’re a niche agency with specialised policy needs
  • you want to include photos and pictures of your service in your policies.

The different levels of customisation, will work for different sized agencies.

Smaller agencies may like the more minimal customisation option of adding paragraphs to their online policies rather than edit core content. This way they can gain  degree of personalisation while retaining the benefit of the Policy Place reviews and updates of core content.

For larger agencies, the full customisation pack may be more attractive. It will help these agencies to carry out multiple functions and satisfy complex compliance obligations.

Want to know more? 

Check out Online Policies for more information or book a free consult to talk about how online policies can work for you.