Online policies and procedures – it’s a no-brainer!

So you’ve joined the Policy Place online policy service. Welcome aboard!

It’s our most popular service especially for agencies and practitioners who have to comply with the Social Sector Accreditation Standards and Health and Disability Standards.

It’s a no-brainer. Not only do we provide online policies to help your compliance. We also review and update them regularly so that you and your staff can get on with the other mahi/work you need to do.

To help you understand the system more, here are answers to some common questions that we get.

Why is there a policy on something we didn’t previously have a policy for?

Your set of online policies are aimed at addressing the Health and Disability and Social Sector Accreditation Standards. You will be joined to a policy page because we’ve thought it would be helpful and relevant to your service given your compliance needs and good practice requirements. If you think otherwise then let us know. Likewise, let us know if you think you are missing something.

Does every member have the same policies as us?

To set each agency up with their particular set of policy pages, we consider what compliance needs they have, the services they provide and their existing policy documents. This means that services may be set up with a similar set of policies but that these may have been customised in different ways.

Can we edit and add in other policies?

Members can’t edit or add to policy content. This is to protect the core content that is common across subscribers.

Do we have to review and update the online policies?

No, we review and update your policy set. When you join us, you will receive a Schedule for when policy pages will be reviewed. You will be notified before each review and invited to provide feedback. Your feedback along with feedback from others and relevant law, policy and practice changes is considered and used for updating. You are then advised of the policy updates.

How do we get our staff and board to use the online policy system?

It can be hard to get used to a new system, but people can adapt. They may have always used paper-based policies so going online means entering the unknown. But people can do it. If we want to survive in a pandemic, enable remote work and reduce waste – online policies and procedures is the only way to go!

Can we get extra online policies?

Yes, we can develop and upload additional policies for you at an additional cost.

What happens if we sign up?

We will schedule you in and ask you to send us your existing policies and procedures, your branding and any other information you think will help us customise the policies for you. Once we’ve finished we send you a log in. From then on, we keep in touch through reviews and updates.   We talk more about the system here.

Can we put our existing policies and procedures on the system? 

No you can’t. We keep the cost low for subscribers and can provide reviews and updates only by maintaining core common content. We therefore provide only limited customisation. If you want a fully bespoke set of policies, we can provide this on an one-off basis. You are welcome to contact us to discuss.

 For more information see HERE