Renovation and policy review

If you like DIY renovating then policy review can be fun! The two jobs have a lot in common.

They can be more fun and effective when people are involved. Just like the room being renovated, the review process is improved by getting a diversity of views, feedback and data on what’s working, not working and needs to change.

Consider the broader context. When you paint a room, it needs to fit with the overall scheme of the house. Likewise, when reviewing your policy, consider your organisation’s kaupapa, vision and strategic plan.

Get updated about trends, what works best etc. When renovating a room or a policy, it’s a good idea to look at current trends, learn from new information and ideas.

Standards, laws, regulations and practice may well have changed since the last policy review and if relevant, should be addressed in the renovated policy.

Think about options for now and the future. You want to build in a good capacity for wear and tear when you’re renovating.

Likewise, changes you make from a policy review need to be workable and sustainable.

Identify options. Only decide on which one after scoping and planning for the practicalities eg the costs, the resources and actions needed to do the job properly and for any changes to endure.

Celebrate. Don’t we all love the feeling of satisfaction we get from a successful renovation? A celebration at the end is even better!

Or, from another perspective, it’s a great start to the next phase of implementing the policy.

See here if you want some ideas about effective implementation strategies.

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